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Profile of G Campbell Morgan

1863 - 1945

G. Campbell Morgan was born in Tetbury, England. His home was such that he wrote, "While my father could not compel me to be a Christian, I had no choice because of what he did for me and what I saw in him." At the age of twelve he was preaching regularly in country chapels during his Sundays and holidays. In 1886 at the age of twenty-three, he left the teaching profession for which he had been trained and began devoting his full time to a teaching ministry of the Word of God.

His reputation as a preacher and Bible expositor soon encompassed England and spread to the United States. The many thousands of converts from the ministry of D. L. Moody needed a teacher of the Bible to strengthen their faith. G. Campbell Morgan went to the United States and became that teacher. After five very successful years, he returned to England in 1904 and became the pastor of Westminster Chapel, London. His preaching and his weekly Friday night Bible classes were attended by the thousands.

Leaving Westminster Chapel in 1919, he once again returned to the United States where he conducted an itinerant ministry for fourteen years. Finally in 1933 he returned to England to again become pastor of Westminster Chapel until his retirement in 1943. He died on May 16, 1945. His paramount contribution lay in teaching the Bible and showing people how to study the Scripture for themselves.

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